Review: Shine or Go Crazy (빛나거나 미치거나)

This one is my first non-fantasy historical drama. It sure was a wonderful experience

Shine-or-Go-Crazy 1

Historical, Romance
Wang So (Jang Hyuk) is sent to the hills to live alone after he was deemed as the unlucky prince who brought death to the royal family. Years later the current King and the founder of the Goryeo Dynasty wants Wang So to inherit the throne one day and in order to do so he needs the power of the Hwang family and hence comes the royal wedding to Hwang Bo Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui). What no one knows is that the prince is already married to (though it was a fake marriage) Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) the last princess of Balhae. Prince Wang Wook (Im Joo Hwan) is brother of Princess Hwang Bo Yeo Won and half-brother of Prince Wang So who wants the throne for himself. How does Wang So who has no greed for the throne survive the greedy attacks from Wank Shik Ryeom (Wang So’s Uncle played Lee Duk Hwa) and Wang Wook, will he ever get together with his first bride whose face he has not seen and will he save Goryeo Kingdom is what this drama tells.

Shine-or-Go-Crazy 2

The Plus Factor:
History can tend to be boring. Power struggle can be even more boring. But this drama made a job of making the power struggle less boring and got me into it. There I was sitting in front of the computer and cheering Prince Wang So.
Hanbok (traditional Korean Attire) is really beautiful no doubt but this drama increased by love for hanbok. The costumes were colorful and beautifully made especially those worn by Lee Ha Nui who looked really pretty and so was Oh Yeon Seo.
I was reluctant to watch this drama because I had an aversion for Oh Yeon Seo after her appearance in We Got Married but got to admit she did well in the acting department. Cant leave out the others when it comes to acting. Jang Hyuk needs no words he is a seasoned actor. My favourite Im Joo Hwan was amazing I couldn’t hate him even when I had to.
I liked two songs from the OST and that was ‘Person I Miss’ by Song Ji Eun of Secret and ‘So I Love You’ by Ailee.

Shine-or-Go-Crazy 3

The Minus Factor:
Few episodes were little drag-gy but that can’t be helped when you are dealing with history, can we? The end was a little ambiguous.

My Rating
8.5/10. Minus 0.5 for the end.

Shine-or-Go-Crazy 4


Review: Blood (블러드)

Was having lot of hope for this one and was eagerly waiting for the broadcast but was very disappointed.

Blood 1


Vampire, Romance


Park Ji Sang (An Jae Hyun) is a vampire by birth. Both his parents were vampires murdered by their ambitious friend. Yoo Ri Ta (Gu Hye Sun) is the little girl Park saved few years back. She is the one who gave him the courage to live among humans. Ji Sang and his friend Joo Hyun Woo (Jung Hae In) come to Korea tracking few vampire related information. Ji Sang starts working as a doctor in Taemin Cancer Hospital. Lee Jae Wook (Ji Jin Hee) who killed Ji Sang’s parents is conducting a research on the vampire virus at the hospital using poor people to test his medicines. Yoo Rita and Park Ji Sang along with few others try to save the patients from this deadly experiment. Do they succeed in their mission is what this drama tells about.

The Plus Factor:

Any supernatural story gains a point from me always. Vampire dramas are no exception. But other than that I am not able to think of any good thing about this drama. This is Ahn Jae Hyun’s first drama as a lead. He really did a good job playing a vampire. His looks actually helped him fit into the vampire character. Joo Hyun Woo is a well written character and Jung Hae In did an amazing job as well. The drama also featured a cute robot called Luvvy. It was almost a character in the drama with its wit and cuteness.

Blood 3

The Minus Factor:

As I was saying in my previous post about Persevere Gu Hae Ra, this drama to dragged a lot. They could have wrapped it in like 16 episodes. That would have actually saved this drama. Gu Hye Sun’s acting was unbearable during the first few episodes. Then she got better and I too got used to her acting.

My Rating

6.5/10. At least Persevere Gu Hae Ra had good OST. So minus 0.5.

Blood 4

Review: Persevere Gu Hae Ra (칠전팔기, 구해라)

Delaying this review by more than a month because there was nothing much to talk about this one.

Persevere Gu Hae Ra 1


Music, Romance


Three friends, Gu Hae Ra (Min Hyo Rin), Kang Se Chan (B1A4’sJin Young) and Kang se Jong (Kwak Shi Yang) dream of becoming singers. They participate in an audition program. There they meet Henry (Super Junior M’s Henry), Lee Woo Ri (Yoo Sung Eun) and Jang Goon(Ulala Session’s Park Kwang Seon). Due to certain events they are forced to quit the show. Kang Se JOng is taken as a trainee in an entertainment company. Things become rough between the three friends because of this event. Kang Se Chan decides to put things straight and goes to meet his brother Se Jong but loses his life in an accident. Gu Hae Ra finds Se Chan’s diary and sees a bucket list. One of his wish is to get back together with his friends from the audition program and become singers. She decides to fulfill his dream with the help of Ray (also played by Jin Young) the long lost twin brother of Se Chan. How they succeed in the cruel entertainment industry when a big man is trying to stamp them with all his means is what this drama tells.

The Plus Factor:

Just one thing. This drama lived up to its name of being a musical. The re-made songs were really AWESOME. I actually watched the drama only to get to know of good songs. The supporting characters Henry, Lee Woo Ri and Jang Goon brought a nice breeze to the otherwise dry drama. Yoo Seung Eun has a wonderful voice and i loved all the songs she sang in this drama.

Persevere Gu Hae Ra 2

The Minus Factor:

They dragged the love triangle more than necessary. The plot was going in circles around the same thing for a long time. So it was actually boring.

My Rating

7/10. Would have rated it lower if not for the songs.

Review: Kill Me, Heal Me (킬미힐미)

For the past 3 years Reply1997 has been strongly holding on to its place as the No.1 drama in my heart. But from 12th March 2015 9:35PM IST, Reply1997 is handing over its place to Kill Me, Heal Me. (The mention of exact time is a reference to a scene from the drama)



Comedy, Mystery, Romance


The Story is very simple. Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). He has split his soul into 7 personalities to handle the emotions and memories he is not able to bear. Psychiatrist Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) becomes our hero’s secret doctor. Together they piece together the puzzles of the past and heal each other’s scars in the process. What caused our hero to split his soul? How is Oh Ri Jin involved with all this? Is wat Kill me, heal me tells.


The Plus Factor:

This drama passed through two hands-Lee Seung gi and Hyun Bin before coming to Ji Sung. I have said this a million times and I am saying it again, I am really glad they both dropped this drama because Ji Sung was AMAZING. He made me fall in love with each personality. He is an awesome actor. Period.

Moving on to the OST, that one song named “Auditory Hallucination” sung by Jung Jae In nailed it. It was not just a random song played at random moments. Each line, each word had so much meaning and was very much is sync with the hero’s state. A PERFECT OST.


The 7 personalities each were written with such detail. I never expected the drama to give the reason behind the names of each personality but it did. I mean the writer didn’t have to go that far. Even without that detail the drama was already perfect. Each personality was given a proper farewell, a goodbye gift and lots of tears from the leads and from me. Its not even a person dying just personalities but they pulled my heartstrings in each scene.

This is going to one such drama that is going to push me into a slump. After such a wonderful drama I usually feel reluctant to start other dramas because I know that they will never be as good as that wonderful drama. To sum it all, PERFECT Cast, PERFECT Writer, PERFECT Script, PERFECT OST, PERFECT ending and a PERFECT drama. I just don’t want to say goodbye to this one.

The Minus Factor:

Frankly NIL.

My Rating

10/10. My most favorite KDrama.


Jisung Oppa

Review: Healer (힐러)

I usually put general comments in this part of the post. But at this stage having completed Healer just 2 minutes back all I can do is smile. 🙂 :). Don’t they show those heart shaped eyes in anime and cartoons I have a feeling my eyes are like that now.


Thriller, Romance

Healer 4


Healer is the code name given to our hero Seo Jeong Hoo (Ji Chang Wook). He is sort of an errand boy and lives a carefree life until he is comes to know that his father was a suspect in the murder of the father of Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) the girl he loves. He starts with the simple task of clearing his father’s name and discovers that “big” names are behind it and they are still stirring up trouble. How Healer deals with the baddies and clears his dad’s name is what this drama tells. Frankly there is more to the story but then that will give away too many things. So refraining from, spilling the beans.

The Plus Factor:

There were two dramas in 2014 that made my heart race. Gapdong and God’s gift 14 days. Healer joins the list. I cried, laughed and had my heart skip a beat few times. Many Kdramas tend to irritate us by loitering around the same plot for a long time. But Healer kept moving death or heart breaks were packed away in 30 mins.

I have seen Park Min Young in City Hunter and Sungkyunkwan Scandal but didn’t like her in both. (It is difficult for an actress to impress me). But I was totally impressed with her in this. Speaking about acting skills, where did this guy Ji Chang Wook come from? He is a total hottie and that itself gains points for him but he doesn’t stop there. His acting was flawless. Be it the charismatic healer or the timid Park Bong Soo(A false name Healer uses) he portrayed the characters so well. I even started watching Empress Ki and he has done a good job there as well.

Then the OST. Just one word-AWESOME. There were just two songs on repeat but they came out at the right places with the right lyrics and made my heart melt. There was this instrumental that was played when Healer comes to save the day and it always made me show that proud and happy smile. If I listen to these songs Healer memories flash in my head and that is the true success of an OST-reminding you of the drama even when you listen to it years later.

P.S. Three cheers for the hacker ajhumma. Ajhuma you are daebak !!

P.P.S The chemistry between the leads was awesome. (I think I am going to keep adding Post Scripts. Someone tie me up.)

Healer 2

The Minus Factor:

There was no minus that was the minus I guess. Kidding. Other than that the ending felt a little rushed. No complaints though.

My Rating

10/10 and lots of hearts ♥♥♥♥

Healer 3


Those Eyes and that smile!! How can one not melt. One of my favourite scenes. Had a tough time selecting pictures for this particular post. I could probably do a post with only pictures from Healer.

Healer 1

Review: Pinocchio (피노키오)

It’s been almost a year since I updated my blog. I was too lazy to write though my thoughts were always on the blog. Coming back to the blog is my New Year resolution and here I am. Finished Pinocchio just few minutes back and my mind is full of it so decided to write the review immediately.

Pinocchio 1


Drama, Romance


Back in the early 90’s a firefighter is wrongly accused of leading his men to a losing battle and escaping from the fire alone. Reporters keep targeting his family and the family is shattered. The mother dies and the youngest, Ki Ha Myung(Lee Jong Seok) gets adopted by an old man whose granddaughter, Choi In Ha(Park Shin Hye) is the daughter of the reporter Song Cha Ok (Jin Kyung) who was the main reason for the destruction of young HaMyung’s family. The drama tells us how Ha Myung, who hates reporters, becomes a true reporter and gets his revenge.

The Plus Factor:

The greatest plus of themed dramas is that common-ers like me get an insight of the world that I would never be able to see. For example, Pasta, Coffee Prince and other food related dramas showed me the world of the kitchen. King of dramas showed me how much work is done behind the making of one drama. Pinocchio showed me the world of reporters-How it is not easy to be a true reporter and the hardships faced by the reporters to give us the news which we see from our comfortable homes.

Next should talk about the casting. My personal opinion is that the Supporting Actors were well chosen and each did their job well. Kudos to the writer too, for writing each character with so much depth. At the end of the drama I miss the supporting cast more than the leads! Especially Seo Bum Joo(Kim Young Kwang)- one fine drama character. From the start to the end he remained just himself. He pulled my heartstrings even though I don’t personally like the actor who played the role, the character was just awesome.

There was not a dull moment. The pace was fast and problems were dealt without going round and round.

Pinocchio 2

The Minus Factor:

The ending was nicely wrapped up and tied with a bow and presented neatly but for a drama as rebellious as this they could have given an ending with even more impact. But that’s just a suggestion. The ending was good nevertheless.

My Rating

It made me cry. It made me smile. It taught me values.


Pinocchio 3

Review: Prime Minister & I (총리와 나)

Don’t you have those dramas that got you excited every week but left you wide mouthed with disbelief at the end. 2013 had two such dramas one was Mirae’s Choice/Marry him if u dare and the other was Prime Minister & I

PM & I 1


Comedy, Romance



Nam Da Jeong played by Yoona is a reporter of a no-name newspaper. Kwon Yul played by Lee Bum Soo is the Prime Minister of South Korea. Due to some clichéd situations they both enter a contract wedding. Kwon Yul‘s wife died few years back in a road accident. Uri, Nara and Manse are his three children. How Yoona does her role as the Prime Minister’s Wife and how the children accept her and how eventually the contract marriage turns to real love is what this drama tells.

The Plus Factor:

Contract marriage is one term all k-drama fans would know. It is one card often used in dramaland but every time has a new effect depending on the way it is handled. This drama handled it well. I loved the interactions between the children and Da Jeong. It was heartwarming and cute.

PM & I 2

The Minus Factor:

The ending as I said before was unbelievable in a bad way. It did show that the Prime Minister and Da Jeong got together but it was lacking something.  They made unnecessary twists and took wrong routes. They did not show few crucial scenes and left it to our imagination.

My Rating

It would have easily got an 8 or 9 if not for the end. Thanks to that unbelievable end giving it a


PM & I 3