Review: Prime Minister & I (총리와 나)

Don’t you have those dramas that got you excited every week but left you wide mouthed with disbelief at the end. 2013 had two such dramas one was Mirae’s Choice/Marry him if u dare and the other was Prime Minister & I

PM & I 1


Comedy, Romance



Nam Da Jeong played by Yoona is a reporter of a no-name newspaper. Kwon Yul played by Lee Bum Soo is the Prime Minister of South Korea. Due to some clichéd situations they both enter a contract wedding. Kwon Yul‘s wife died few years back in a road accident. Uri, Nara and Manse are his three children. How Yoona does her role as the Prime Minister’s Wife and how the children accept her and how eventually the contract marriage turns to real love is what this drama tells.

The Plus Factor:

Contract marriage is one term all k-drama fans would know. It is one card often used in dramaland but every time has a new effect depending on the way it is handled. This drama handled it well. I loved the interactions between the children and Da Jeong. It was heartwarming and cute.

PM & I 2

The Minus Factor:

The ending as I said before was unbelievable in a bad way. It did show that the Prime Minister and Da Jeong got together but it was lacking something.  They made unnecessary twists and took wrong routes. They did not show few crucial scenes and left it to our imagination.

My Rating

It would have easily got an 8 or 9 if not for the end. Thanks to that unbelievable end giving it a


PM & I 3


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