Review: Pinocchio (피노키오)

It’s been almost a year since I updated my blog. I was too lazy to write though my thoughts were always on the blog. Coming back to the blog is my New Year resolution and here I am. Finished Pinocchio just few minutes back and my mind is full of it so decided to write the review immediately.

Pinocchio 1


Drama, Romance


Back in the early 90’s a firefighter is wrongly accused of leading his men to a losing battle and escaping from the fire alone. Reporters keep targeting his family and the family is shattered. The mother dies and the youngest, Ki Ha Myung(Lee Jong Seok) gets adopted by an old man whose granddaughter, Choi In Ha(Park Shin Hye) is the daughter of the reporter Song Cha Ok (Jin Kyung) who was the main reason for the destruction of young HaMyung’s family. The drama tells us how Ha Myung, who hates reporters, becomes a true reporter and gets his revenge.

The Plus Factor:

The greatest plus of themed dramas is that common-ers like me get an insight of the world that I would never be able to see. For example, Pasta, Coffee Prince and other food related dramas showed me the world of the kitchen. King of dramas showed me how much work is done behind the making of one drama. Pinocchio showed me the world of reporters-How it is not easy to be a true reporter and the hardships faced by the reporters to give us the news which we see from our comfortable homes.

Next should talk about the casting. My personal opinion is that the Supporting Actors were well chosen and each did their job well. Kudos to the writer too, for writing each character with so much depth. At the end of the drama I miss the supporting cast more than the leads! Especially Seo Bum Joo(Kim Young Kwang)- one fine drama character. From the start to the end he remained just himself. He pulled my heartstrings even though I don’t personally like the actor who played the role, the character was just awesome.

There was not a dull moment. The pace was fast and problems were dealt without going round and round.

Pinocchio 2

The Minus Factor:

The ending was nicely wrapped up and tied with a bow and presented neatly but for a drama as rebellious as this they could have given an ending with even more impact. But that’s just a suggestion. The ending was good nevertheless.

My Rating

It made me cry. It made me smile. It taught me values.


Pinocchio 3


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