Review: Healer (힐러)

I usually put general comments in this part of the post. But at this stage having completed Healer just 2 minutes back all I can do is smile. 🙂 :). Don’t they show those heart shaped eyes in anime and cartoons I have a feeling my eyes are like that now.


Thriller, Romance

Healer 4


Healer is the code name given to our hero Seo Jeong Hoo (Ji Chang Wook). He is sort of an errand boy and lives a carefree life until he is comes to know that his father was a suspect in the murder of the father of Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) the girl he loves. He starts with the simple task of clearing his father’s name and discovers that “big” names are behind it and they are still stirring up trouble. How Healer deals with the baddies and clears his dad’s name is what this drama tells. Frankly there is more to the story but then that will give away too many things. So refraining from, spilling the beans.

The Plus Factor:

There were two dramas in 2014 that made my heart race. Gapdong and God’s gift 14 days. Healer joins the list. I cried, laughed and had my heart skip a beat few times. Many Kdramas tend to irritate us by loitering around the same plot for a long time. But Healer kept moving death or heart breaks were packed away in 30 mins.

I have seen Park Min Young in City Hunter and Sungkyunkwan Scandal but didn’t like her in both. (It is difficult for an actress to impress me). But I was totally impressed with her in this. Speaking about acting skills, where did this guy Ji Chang Wook come from? He is a total hottie and that itself gains points for him but he doesn’t stop there. His acting was flawless. Be it the charismatic healer or the timid Park Bong Soo(A false name Healer uses) he portrayed the characters so well. I even started watching Empress Ki and he has done a good job there as well.

Then the OST. Just one word-AWESOME. There were just two songs on repeat but they came out at the right places with the right lyrics and made my heart melt. There was this instrumental that was played when Healer comes to save the day and it always made me show that proud and happy smile. If I listen to these songs Healer memories flash in my head and that is the true success of an OST-reminding you of the drama even when you listen to it years later.

P.S. Three cheers for the hacker ajhumma. Ajhuma you are daebak !!

P.P.S The chemistry between the leads was awesome. (I think I am going to keep adding Post Scripts. Someone tie me up.)

Healer 2

The Minus Factor:

There was no minus that was the minus I guess. Kidding. Other than that the ending felt a little rushed. No complaints though.

My Rating

10/10 and lots of hearts ♥♥♥♥

Healer 3


Those Eyes and that smile!! How can one not melt. One of my favourite scenes. Had a tough time selecting pictures for this particular post. I could probably do a post with only pictures from Healer.

Healer 1


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