Review: Shine or Go Crazy (빛나거나 미치거나)

This one is my first non-fantasy historical drama. It sure was a wonderful experience

Shine-or-Go-Crazy 1

Historical, Romance
Wang So (Jang Hyuk) is sent to the hills to live alone after he was deemed as the unlucky prince who brought death to the royal family. Years later the current King and the founder of the Goryeo Dynasty wants Wang So to inherit the throne one day and in order to do so he needs the power of the Hwang family and hence comes the royal wedding to Hwang Bo Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui). What no one knows is that the prince is already married to (though it was a fake marriage) Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) the last princess of Balhae. Prince Wang Wook (Im Joo Hwan) is brother of Princess Hwang Bo Yeo Won and half-brother of Prince Wang So who wants the throne for himself. How does Wang So who has no greed for the throne survive the greedy attacks from Wank Shik Ryeom (Wang So’s Uncle played Lee Duk Hwa) and Wang Wook, will he ever get together with his first bride whose face he has not seen and will he save Goryeo Kingdom is what this drama tells.

Shine-or-Go-Crazy 2

The Plus Factor:
History can tend to be boring. Power struggle can be even more boring. But this drama made a job of making the power struggle less boring and got me into it. There I was sitting in front of the computer and cheering Prince Wang So.
Hanbok (traditional Korean Attire) is really beautiful no doubt but this drama increased by love for hanbok. The costumes were colorful and beautifully made especially those worn by Lee Ha Nui who looked really pretty and so was Oh Yeon Seo.
I was reluctant to watch this drama because I had an aversion for Oh Yeon Seo after her appearance in We Got Married but got to admit she did well in the acting department. Cant leave out the others when it comes to acting. Jang Hyuk needs no words he is a seasoned actor. My favourite Im Joo Hwan was amazing I couldn’t hate him even when I had to.
I liked two songs from the OST and that was ‘Person I Miss’ by Song Ji Eun of Secret and ‘So I Love You’ by Ailee.

Shine-or-Go-Crazy 3

The Minus Factor:
Few episodes were little drag-gy but that can’t be helped when you are dealing with history, can we? The end was a little ambiguous.

My Rating
8.5/10. Minus 0.5 for the end.

Shine-or-Go-Crazy 4


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